Total Wealth Solution

Investment Strategy

A Total Wealth Solution is the creation of an investment strategy, driven by a financial plan to meet your financial goals. Investments and planning needs to be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they are still on track to meet your targets.

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We are all concerned about financial risk, in other words the risk associated with investing in certain investment types and the potential returns from those investments. It is important to understand the level of risk that you are prepared to take with your investment.

We aim to deliver a solution based on your needs rather than by client type as this can be ambiguous. Read our guide to investing here

Our team will produce a bespoke financial plan and investment strategy aimed at meeting your personal and financial needs. We will discuss the planning strategies with you and make any adjustments until you are happy with the final recommendation.

We will then work with you in implementing the planning. This may take a number of meetings as there may be a number of areas of advice we have agreed. Once the strategy is in place we will review and monitor this on a regular basis. Financial planning meetings are usually held at least annually.


We offer several investment management services to our clients, the final choice depends on your needs and level of desired complexity. We certainly don’t stock pick (this isn’t our role) but we will introduce you to a either a fund manager or investment manager who can provide this service at an efficient cost.

We follow a five part process:

Risk Profiling – with any investment portfolio it is important to manage it at a level of risk that you are willing to take. Your Financial Planner will help you complete a risk profiling questionnaire and determine an appropriate time horizon  which will identify a starting point for your investment strategy.

Portfolio Construction – we will choose the appropriate asset classes for your investment strategy based on the agreed level of risk.

Manager Selection – once your asset allocation has been determined we will look at selecting the right investment manager for you. Whether you have a preference for an active or passive investment style, we will introduce you to an investment strategy that is fit for purpose in terms of performance, diversification and cost.

Review – the most important part of any successful investment strategy is ensuring that it is regularly reviewed. We are on your side and remain impartial at all times. We will ensure that the performance of your investment portfolio is maintaining a healthy risk reward relationship.

Monitor – whilst we promise to meet all of our clients every year, should you require regular investment valuations or review meetings we will look to facilitate this whether through regular interim meetings, paper valuations or via online access; direct to your portfolio.

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